Monday, January 18, 2010

Digital Camera Samsung ST550 Dual LCD

Researcher at Samsung noted that many camera users often photographed himself, especially when were in the interest alone. But the photograph in a way usually less focus or do not cover the desired area. Because the photographer cannot know the exact position himself in the picture. Overcome this constraint via a series of Samsung LCD ST550 with a double. A small LCD on the front of a mirror will help users when photographing him. Innovation is not smart?

Although the mirror could be placed at the front of the camera as the camera phone, apparently intended to make the Samsung LCD 1.5 "on the front of the ST550 does more interesting. Besides able to display images of objects with a clear and dynamic, this mini-screen can display the status of the camera viewfinder when taking pictures so the user himself can know what the viewfinder mode is used at the time.

Cool it again, photographing small children or infants who are usually hard to laugh now more easily via Children Mode feature. In this feature, the LCD will show the front of the clown funny animation that stimulates expression cheerful child.

At first sight it is ST550 further development of the ST50 series with similar specs (including the 12-megapixel resolution capabilities). However, more practical designed Digital Camera Samsung ST550 with Smart Gesture interfaces and gravity sensors. This allows us to change the camera mode or see the rows of images on the LCD screen 3.5 "with camera shake to the left and right.

This feature also allows us to rotate the image by making the sign of a circle with a finger or delete images by making movements with his fingers crossed. Any activity on this touch screen will cause gentle vibration as a sign of a choice made, like access to the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm.

Quite a lot of interesting technology embedded in the ST550 as dual image stabilizer (optical and digital image stabilization) or the shooting smart Smart Auto (who can choose the image mode automatically according to conditions). A very practical mode will be like those who do not want to mess around by the use of the manual.

Face Recognition Smart technology is also attractive because it can remember up to 20 faces and adjusts focus light into the faces of the most frequently caught the camera. This allows consumers to find images with faces registering and sort them to get a picture in their album Smart quickly than if you had to see the pictures one by one.

My review about digital camera gives almost perfect score on the ST550 to the class of intelligent cameras pocket thanks to a variety of different features and very useful. But this camera has a noise which is still quite high at high ISO settings. In addition, grip the camera less comfortable, too slippery when shooting handheld. Yet this versatile camera is able to answer your needs are often narcissistic act by putting the photographs on social networking sites.

PLUS: Easy to use; two LCD; features interesting photography; can record HD video; wide-angle lens; no improvement photos; a motion sensor.

MINUS: Grip slippery; much noise at high ISO; camera port is less common.


Pixel Resolution: 12.4 megapixels
Resolution Images (min / max): 1024x768/4000x3000 pixels
Video resolution (min / max): 320x240/800x592 @ 15/20/30 fps
Media Recorder: Internal 55MB & microSD
File format (image / video / audio): JPEG / AVI / WAV
Size-35mm lens equivalent: 27-124,2 mm
Setting Aperture: f/3.5-5.6
Equivalent ISO: 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Zoom: 4.6 x optical, 5x digital
Shutter speed (s): 8 - 1 / 2000
The best closest focus (macro): 10 cm
Viewfinder: No
Diagonal LCD: 3.5 inch (rear) & 1.5 "(front)
Computer Connection: USB
Type of battery / rechargeable Lithium Ion 720mAh / Yes
Battery Charger: There
Dimension (plt): 9.9 x5, 9x1, 8 cm
Weight (with battery and memory card): 164 grams
Warranty: 1 year
Web site:
Price range ± $350
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Monday, January 11, 2010

What is Blog Advertising? How to advertise a blog?

There are several ways to advertise your blog around the Internet. More of them must include your blog url link. Here is some example of blog advertising;

1. Link Exchange (we put another blogger url link into our blog and the other blogger will put our url link into their blog.
2. Paid to link (we must paid some money to put our url link into publisher blog/website)
3. Paid to click (we must paid some money to paid our traffic through publisher advertisement)
4. Paid to promote (we must paid some money to paid our advertisement banner at publisher blog/website)
5. Paid to review (we must spend some money to paid the publisher whose reviewed our blog/website)

There are more another ways. Try to search it around the Internet and find the right method for your blog advertising.

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