Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 review

f/Stop Range : 2.8-32
Minimum Focus Distance : 13″ (33 cm), over entire zoom range
Magnification : 1:3.9
Zoom/Focus Control : Two-touch
Angle of View : 75 to 32 Degrees
Groups/Elements : 14/16
Length : 3.6″ (92mm)
Maximum Diameter : 2.9″ (73mm)
Filter Size : 67mm
Weight : 1.50 lb (510 g)

With an equivalent zoom range (on my Canon 40D) of 44.8mm to 120mm and constant aperture at F/2.8, the lens serves a dual purpose as a portrait and walk-around lens.

It is light weight compared to the Canon L 24-70, very sharp, has good contrast and on my camera the focus is fast and accurate. As far as focus is concerned, do not use “AI Servo” unless you are shooting subjects moving at high speed (the lens will “hunt” for focus, even if it is not necessary). On “One shot AF” and “AI Focus AF” the lens is very accurate.

As far as distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations, I didn’t have any problems using this lens in real life situations. The lens is also well build, with a metal mount and a “lock” button to prevent “zoom creep”.

One common problem that I’ve heard about the Tamron 28-75mm is the front / back focus. I’ve tested my lens and I’ve found out that front focus (just slightly) only occurs at 28mm, but I’m very happy with the situation. I can get a better bokeh behind the subject when using it for portraits. In a very strange way, I’ve turned the lens “problem” into a photographic advantage. Basically, I know what the strong and weak points of my lens are and use it accordingly.

Here are the test images:

How I’ve tested the lens: test chart on the table (not a very flat surface, but it worked), 1 off camera flash (430 EX + off-camera Shoe Cord) and camera on a tripod, pointed down at 45 degrees. More info and the test chart can be found at this location:


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