Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Macro Photography

The photos that can be included in this category are those that depict reality at a 1:1 scale. So, if you take the picture of a butterfly and it has a wing span of 3 cm, the printed image must have a butterfly with a wing span of at least 3 cm.

For DSLR cameras, there are specialized very expensive macro lenses, witch provide extreme magnification and image detail. However, most digital cameras have a zoom lens, with built in macro capabilities.

What you must understand about macro photography is the fact it can be very satisfying. The amount of detail that can be captured with even a modest, low cost digital camera is breathtaking. In dealing with macro photography, you need patience and luck.

First, you need patience in setting the camera; because you have a very shallow depth of field, the camera must be very still, or the image will be out of focus. Luck is required when dealing with subjects like insects. They tend to move...


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David Funk said...

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pheqof said...

Halo Gareng,
Saya membaca ucapan Anda di blog saya
Saya menyapa anda dengan kasih sayang. Saya melihat foto-foto Anda. They are beautiful. Selamat
Terima kasih atas kunjungan dari

pheqof said...

...and we say hello to you from Italy

Meryl said...

the picture is so clear...good quality.
seems that the one who took picture of this
was a professional photographer?

KOESnadi said...

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ween a cong said...

ini wawan gareng ya??
fotonya siipppp.......

Om Gudel said...

Dear Om Koesnadi,

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