Thursday, February 19, 2009

Website Profile - PlanetEarthDailyPhoto

One of the great things about running a site like FPR is the websites that you come accross, or in this case recommended (thanks Ron) and the people you meet (virtually)!

One such website is PlanetEarthDailyPhoto and one such person is it’s ‘owner’, Rich. ’PEDP’ features a new and unique photo from around the world every day (as the site name would suggest!) and a short dialogue about where the photo was taken and the story behind it.

It’s a great place for photography inspriration and also has a community all it’s own of the people who send Rich their photos from all corners of the world.

Rich also kindly agreed to answer some questions regarding his website and his inspiration behind it;

Can you please tell me a bit about yourself, your hobbies and interests?

I’m an earthling currently residing in a remarkable city: Oxford, England. There are very few things that do not interest me (boredom is surely an illusion?)- my passions include music, radio, books and photography.

What inspired you to create PlanetEarthDailyPhoto?

A friend of mine, Pete, runs an incredible site - Oxford Daily Photo ( A little while after he showed me his site the idea for A Photo A Day From Planet Earth came, fully formed, into my mind… I think I wanted to launch an experiment in randomness, do something truly global and collaborative, and just see where it went. I have enjoyed watching as the site has grown, in the early days, from something held together with the photos of friends and family (thanks, in particular to Mike!) into what it is today- where I receive submissions everyday from countries such as Kuwait to Virginia, Sweden to Taiwan.

Which is your favourite photo that has been submitted to the site?

Impossible to answer; truly… through running the site I am exposed to global photography magic the likes of which continues to surprise, enchant and excite every day.

Have you ever visited any of the great places that have featured on your site?

I have been fortunate to have spent time in, amongst others, Denmark, France, the Gambia, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the USA…

Where on Earth would you like to visit that you haven’t already and why?

The whole world facinates me. From Antarctica to Cambodia to Colombia to Gabon; wherever I may find myself in the future will be a blessing and good fortune- I hope to be able to discover something of many more places…

Which other websites do you regularly visit for inspiration?

Other than Oxford Daily Photo (I love the way Pete pictures and writes about life), I always look at the BBC News website (it is my homepage actually-being a bit of a news junkie), the BBC iPlayer for quality radio and TV, visit Flickr all the time- it is a peerless photography resource and tool-pure inspiration, and Twitter, which I have recently started using- I love the possibilities for concise communication and word magic. There are countless more… The web is quite a thing really (possibly an understatement)…

Have you ever received a photo that you could not include on the site and why?

Only if it doesn’t have suitable comments or if it doesn’t indicate where it was taken. It is a shame because I often receive submissions that I cannot use, as all photos published on the site must at the very least say where they were taken, and preferably have comments that can accompany the picture.

How many photo do you receive for the site each day?

It varies- between email and Flickr- the two ways to submit to the site- I would say I receive anything from 5 - 25 photos a day currently, and it is increasing. This humbles me, especially as it has been running for less than twenty months.

Have you any plans to expand/change the site at all?

The whole project has been a day to day, piece by piece construction… And the building continues… The central concept will never change, maybe the look will evolve and there may be other ways to submit in time, but we shall see how things pan out…


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