Thursday, February 19, 2009

11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

Great article from Darren Rowse on Digital Photography School. The tips included in the article include;
  1. Maximize your Depth of Field
  2. Use a Tripod
  3. Look for a Focal Point
  4. Think Foregrounds
  5. Consider the Sky
  6. Lines
  7. Capture Movement
  8. Work with the Weather
  9. Work the Golden Hours
  10. Think about Horizons
  11. Change your Point of View
Areas included within the tips are ‘rule of thirds’, related reading, shutter speed and much mor


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mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

it's all about photography? nice i like the 'camera metering and exposure'

btw, what can i help u?
i'm a newbie too ;D

Questio said...

You might wanna put the ShoutBox on your page?
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ghe said...

i don't know if i can help you my friend. i'm not good at this. i think we're just even. but if ever you have question just try to raise it, who knows, i might know the answer. take care and enjoy blogging.

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